CES – Competitive Edge Services

Smart Water Technologies For Business

Competitive Edge Services, LLC, is a water device distributor providing cost reduction technologies for business. Having partnered with Flow Dynamics LLC, the manufacturer of the SMART VALVE™, we work directly with end users and third party engineering firms where the results of our extraordinary technologies show significant cost reduction and value-added benefits – saving thousands of dollars annually to a host of commercial and industrial businesses such as multi-tenant buildings including hotels and resorts, hospitals, assisted living facilities and apartment complexes; colleges and universities; many manufacturing segments including hi- tech, food processing, bottling companies, uniform and apparel services and many more!!

SMART VALVE™, the patented, precision engineered MONEY and WATER SAVING device for your water system is simple, yet an extremely effective variable flow management device that solves a number of problems inherent in your water utility and building’s water delivery causing you to overpay both water and sewer expenses. The SMART VALVE™ fixes two key problems:

  • First, the valve works by compressing air from the water flow – the meter cannot recognize the difference of the two since it measures volume and counts the airflow as water flow. As a result, your water bills are typically inflated by
    15% to 25% depending on the frequency of water pressure drops and flow surges which cause over-spinning of the water meter.
  • In addition, water fixtures are designed to handle water pressure of only 65 psi – higher water pressure leads to overconsumption and maintenance problems, so the valve saves water and maintenance costs. Two very SHORT VIDEOS are available that explain the product’s operation and benefits.
  • Cost of the SMART VALVE™ and installation occur in Payback Periods usually ranging from 6 to 18 months!!
  • SMART VALVE™ is installed within 2 hours on your side of the water meterafter the backflow preventer.
  • We offer a 90-day No-Questions-Asked Satisfaction Guarantee and a 10-year Manufacturer’s Warranty.